BBC Launches Probe into Serious Sexual Assault Claims Against Russell Brand


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has urgently announced an investigation into serious allegations of sexual assault against former employee Russell Brand, the British comedian, and actor. Brand, noted for his past role on BBC radio shows from 2006 to 2008 and his previous marriage to American singer Katy Perry, fervently denies the accusations.

Brand, aged 48, publically dismissed the allegations termed as “very serious criminal allegations” only hours prior to their public disclosure by the Sunday Times and Channel 4. The allegations include accusations of sexual assaults, one notably involving rape.

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Reports compiled by The Times and Dispatches, a documentary program, indicate the alleged misconducts occurred in the period between 2006 and 2013. Details provided by the sources include accusations from a woman who claimed she was raped by Brand, and another who stated she was assaulted while only 16 years old and still in school. According to the report, two accusations stem from incidents that occurred in Los Angeles.

The BBC, in a released statement, confirmed the severity of the accusations, mentioning the time frame overlapped with Brand’s employment with the corporation, necessitating an urgent review of the raised issues.

The effects of the disclosed accusations are being felt beyond the BBC. The women’s charity, Trevi, primarily involved in supporting women faced with abuse and violence, has severed its ties with Brand in light of the claims. Additionally, Tavistock Wood, Brand’s talent agency, has ended its professional relationship with the actor, expressing their belief of having been misled by him in a 2020 denial to the accusations.

However, the Metropolitan Police in London clarified that they haven’t yet received any direct reports concerning these allegations against Brand. They urged any victims of sexual assault, irrespective of when the incident occurred, to reach out to the police.