Bay Ferries Paid $1.17 Million Per Year To Run Nova Scotia-Maine Ferry Service


Berry Ferries Was recently paid $1.17 million for one year to run a ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia, even in the years when the service wasn’t operating.

The firm posted this information this Monday, one week after they and the provincial government lost a court battle against Nova Scotia’s progressive conservatives. The case was filed to keep the deal under wraps.

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Based on the information provided by the firm, this deal will see them get paid about $98000 each month, which translates to $1.17 million each year. This is a rise from the previous deal signed in 2016, which had the company paid $65000 each month. The figure was changed two years later because of additional duties that the firm was required to undertake that were not included in the original deal.

The deal also features incentives that will see the firm earn double the fee, but this is dependent on them achieving a number of performance grades, although this has not materialized. The firm’s CEO noted that Tim Houston, the Troy Leader, was politicizing this matter, interfering with the firm’s effort to gain traction. During a court session, Bay Ferries noted that this information is of a sensitive nature from a commercial sense and is likely to harm their bottom line.

Houston noted that he was happy that the firm had finally released the necessary information. He added that the ruling delivered last week would be instrumental in showing that the arguments by Bay ferries and the government had no basis.

Since they took over in 2016, Bay Ferries had had many challenges to deal with. Session schedules for 2021 and 2022 were canceled due to the current pandemic. The 2019 program was called off after their port of call was moved to Bar Harbor, and the people on the American side were not quite ready to receive the vessel.

In yesteryears, while the ferry service worked between Portland and Yarmouth, they did experience mechanical issues that dropped the number of trips.