Battle Ground Likely To Shift Balance Of Power During Election


Polls are expected to close on Monday evening and then tallying begins. The outcomes of the poll will determine what party carries the day in B.C and whether the country will have a majority or minority government.

Jody Wilson-Raybould, Vancouver-Granville incumbent and one-time liberal cabinet minister, chose to stay out of the race, creating space for a fierce 3-way race between the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives.

Others taking part in this election include lawyer Kailin Che, conservative and self-declared climate activist Anjali Appadurai, NDP.

As has been the case in various other federal elections in the past, organizers announce winners even before votes in the west cost are counted. However, the race this year is cutting it quite close, so the rest of country is looking to B.C to know who hold the balancing cards.

If the People’s party shines, it might just be the spoiler in a number if the races, and possibly getting support from the conservative side of things.

In the mean time the Green party is hoping it will exceed its own expectations and grab a lions chunk of the progressive votes.


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