Baton Rouge Officers Suspended Amid Torture Warehouse and Brutality Allegations.


An extensive investigation is unfolding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where three police officers, including Deputy Chief Troy Lawrence, have been suspended pending investigations into the alleged existence of a “torture warehouse” operated by the Baton Rouge Police Department. Also affected by the investigation and now off the force is Troy Lawrence Jr., a former police officer named in a federal lawsuit as an instigator of gruesome and degrading interrogation procedures at the supposed clandestine facility.

In addition to the accusations associated with the warehouse, Lawrence Jr. was arrested last week on unrelated battery charges. While facing public scrutiny, police chief Murphy Paul pledged in a city council meeting to uphold accountability within the department in response to community outcry.

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Various investigative bodies, including the FBI and local police, are currently scrutinizing the police department’s practices. The investigation includes not only the officers’ conduct, but also the operations of the now-defunct warehouse, known among the officers as the “Brave cave.” Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome spoke on this, affirming the city’s commitment to justice, accountability, and reform.

Several lawsuits have been filed against the police department citing brutal and inhumane treatment of detainees within the warehouse. Among them is the recent case of Baton Rouge grandmother, Ternell Brown, who was allegedly strip-searched under the guise of contraband checks after being detained.

A previous lawsuit from January cites similar misconduct against another local resident, Jeremy Lee. Lee alleges he was detained without cause, publicly strip-searched, physically assaulted, and denied information regarding his arrest.

Attorney Jessica F. Hawkins, representing Brown and Lee, stated that she has been inundated with similar complaints from Baton Rouge residents alleging they too were victims of harsh and illegal treatment at the unidentified facility.

The FBI has confirmed it is investigating the allegations made against the Baton Rouge Police Department, stating that experienced prosecutors and agents are reviewing potential federal violations.

While the investigation unfolds, Lawrence Jr., the former police officer, faces a misdemeanor battery charge. The charges stem from bodycam footage which appears to show Lawrence Jr. using a Taser against a handcuffed individual in the back of a patrol car. Lawrence Jr. was issued a summons on September 20 and subsequently released. The case continues to develop.