Bathurst Doctor Says Atlantic Bubble Is Welcoming, Will Be A Big Break From Constant Self-Quarantine


Traversing three different provinces regularly wasn’t something Josh Mayich expected he would be doing last year.

He left his St. John Practice and shifted to Mount Albion, PEI, to lay the foundation for his company Island Hop. The business provides hops to small craft breweries in Maritimes.

However, the weak currency, together with the troubles of getting a new business going, drove Mayich to go back to his medical practice after some of his friends encouraged him to head back to N.B for work, even if temporarily.

The doctor said that he received an invite to hang out with friends in Bathurst, and he thought he would just head out of respect for these two surgeon friends. He added that they are two of his closest friends and good at what they do.

He started helping at a hospital-based in Yellowknife, Northwest territory, and eventually started working in three different provinces.

Working in three provinces involved a lot of travel, which would be quite a lot under normal circumstances. However, adding in self-isolation has made things quite difficult for his wife and young kids.

He added that he has been in different forms of self-isolation since the 17th of November last year because he is always in other places for more than two weeks at a time. He went on to say that the situation has been the hardest for his youngest child.

He decided to go along with the father, so he was required to isolate himself with the father on the farm for several weeks.

If things go as expected, the Atlantic’s four premiers are considering re-opening the Atlantic bubble on the 19th of April. The doctor is looking forward to that day because he will have an easy time traveling between N.B and PEI without self-isolating in between that time.


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