Bathing Suit Pride


After my first pregnancy, I spent every day trying to get back to my pre-baby body. Does that even exist? I used to walk hours a day, watched every calorie and tried to do everything possible to drop the extra pounds. I lost so much time trying to perfect myself that I forgot that being a mom was my first priority.

After my second pregnancy, I didn’t have that luxury anymore. I had two little rugrats now both requiring totally different needs. One of those needs was the necessity to keep them busy. Swimming seemed to be an activity that drained the energy out of any living being and that guaranteed me a good nap time. So off to the Dorval Aquatic centre! They have a really incredible set up for kids. It is a gradual incline into the water and has an indoor splash pad. I hesitated going swimming for months. Why you may ask? Well because of that dreaded moment that I needed to put on a bathing suit.

That day finally came.  As I dressed both my children in their suits I marvelled at their beautiful little bodies. They were so incredibly perfect. My body made that.  I watched my daughter lovingly look at me and thought what is she going to think about herself if she grows up seeing her mother constantly judging herself? At that moment I was empowered. I owned my body. Every scar, every ripple, every extra little fat cell that wasn’t there before; I owned that. I stood confident acknowledging that the woman’s body is an incredible thing; something that should be celebrated. My head was held high and I was a new woman. If only the moms from my Facebook Group Perfit Moms could see me now. We’d had discussions in our group about how we struggled with body image and here I was winning that battle.

I have never looked back and I continue to celebrate. I am not the mom who is going to stand on the sidelines no matter what my size is. I will be the one running from across the room ready to cannonball into the water hoping to get all you other beautiful people to join me. So wear the bathing suit, the tight jeans or the dress you’ve been looking at for months. You deserve to celebrate.


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