Barrie Set to Expand with New Senior-Oriented Community & Long-term Care Facilities


In the near future, the city of Barrie could see a significant expansion of long-term care facilities. This Wednesday, city council members are set to peruse an insightful report on a proposed senior-oriented community in the southeast quadrant along Yonge Street, more specifically, Ward 9.

Reputed for their excellence in the senior care sector, Schlegel Villages are potential operators of this new venture, says the report. Having been proudly referred to as a leader in the industry by the local ward counselor, their involvement is sure to instill confidence.

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“We envisage a Barrie where our respected elders, who have helped shape the city, are catered to as they grow older. We want them to have the option to grow old in Barrie, where they have access to resources in case of health issues they might face later in life,” city spokesman, Morales, conveyed with heartfelt conviction when the proposal was first tabled in August.

Envisioned to grace the city with a fresh, six-storey structure, the development will house a 192-bed long-term care facility. Alongside, it plans to incorporate two retirement home/assisted living facilities boasting 485 suites and 120 residential units. Additionally, two apartment buildings would provide another 360 housing units.

In an effort to meet various needs, the plan also incorporates several retail stores into the new development. Nonetheless, the report underlines that these units may not necessarily be categorized as affordable. A variety of residential offerings is slated to enhance the appeal of the site.

If the development is green-lit, it would proudly stand at the southeast intersection of Yonge Street and Country Lane. Its strategic location directly across the Barrie South GO Station adds to its allure.

The mayor has emphasized on multiple occasions the imperative for increased long-term care capacity in the city. With this in mind, council members are considering the use of the Community Infrastructure and Housing Accelerator (CHIA) Order—designed to expedite certain approval facets with the consent of the Minster of Municipal Affairs and Housing, albeit after thorough background studies.

Crucial timelines must be adhered to. The city has a slim window of 15 days post-resolution to formally approach the ministry. The general committee will convene for discussions on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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