Barrie Man Arrested for Business Break-in, Faces Multiple Charges


In the early hours of Wednesday, a 34-year-old Barrie man allegedly broke into a Hart Drive business, leading him into the clutches of the law. The suspect now faces a slew of charges following the keen observation of an adroit police officer who, provided with only a cursory description of the alleged thief, made the arrest just hours subsequent to the reported burglary.

The suspect, bundled up in a hoodie, allegedly infiltrated the business premises during the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, and six hours into his devious act, found himself under arrest, the stolen property still in his possession.

The implicated individual now finds himself thrust headlong into a legal battle, facing several grave charges was including breaking and entering, possessing stolen property worth under $5,000, three counts of unauthorized possession of credit cards, along with two counts of failing to adhere to a release order.

In a twist of events, a second burglary was reported to have occurred on Anne Street on the same day. However, law enforcement officials have yet to lay charges in connection to this incident. Authorities disclosed that the investigation into this second break-in remains active and ongoing.


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