Barrie Embarks on $128M Roadwork Overhaul Amidst Resident Frustration


The past few months have witnessed residents of Barrie coping with a maze of roadwork and infrastructure work that’s turned their city into a labyrinth of detour signs and closed lanes.

With residents facing unprecedented challenges, Susan Fox shared her frustrations, describing the ordeal as ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and advising newcomers to master the local geography to navigate the city efficiently.

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In an era marked with bustling activity for roadwork and infrastructure upgrades, this summer stands out in the annals of Barrie’s history. The City has allocated a staggering $128 million to fund street repairs and infrastructure enhancements which demonstrates their earnestness to improve city life.

A major spotlight is the intersection of Duckworth and Grove, with a budget of $23 million assigned towards its comprehensive overhaul. Resident engineer and project manager Dan Fox explains, “We’ve closed Grove Street for about four weeks, and they are conducting the intersection work. This comprises storm sewer replacements and a full-scale reconstruction of the intersection complete with new curbs and fresh asphalt layer.”

For locals who are feeling the strain of this transformation, there is good news. The project continues securely on budget and schedule, with completion anticipated by year-end next year and paving finished by 2025.

Barrie is currently balancing 30 such major projects, intimately playing a tricky game of city improvement. However, recent favorable weather has supported the crews in their endeavor. As worker Immanuel Childs stated, “It’s nice, at least it’s not raining… it has been good.”

While the mercury dips, work carries on, as Dan Fox affirmed, “We’ll work into the cooler weather here, but as long as the rain and snow hold off, we’ll continue to work.”

Most of the city’s colossal projects continue in full swing; many extend into next year or beyond. For those weary of the ongoing chaos, take heart – for every corner turned dons a veil of progress. And as we navigate this period of change, it may be perfect to unwind and take our minds off of the turmoil.

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