Barbecue Safety Tips


When you start seeing your neighbours again at the mailbox and exchange some sunny smiles, you know that the smell of the BBQ will soon fill the air.

Yes, finally, ’tis the season to BBQ.

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It is time to spend a few moments tending to the grilling machine and to make it safe for use.

These guidelines could be very helpful:

Bristles from BBQ brushes have been making the news lately as they break off of the brushes and penetrate our foods. Invest in a good quality brush and make sure the bristles are not falling off.

It is equally important to spend some time making the food we BBQ as safe as possible to consume while reducing any hazardous effects.

1- Marinate your proteins: did you know that a simple oil and herb based (especially Rosemary) can reduce the harmful effects of grilled proteins on our health? See simple recipe below.

Tip: do not use mechanically tenderized meats as they are more prone to letting undesirable bacteria in.

2- When you are grilling, avoid burning or charring the proteins as much as possible. This could be achieved by lowering the heat and flipping the proteins more often.

3-  Make sure your BBQ utensils are clean and do not use the same ones you used for raw proteins to serve the food.


Cooking temperatures measured with a thermometer (in thickest part of the protein)


Chicken                  165 degrees F

Beef                           160 degrees F

Fish                           145 degrees F



Did you know?

Traditionally, the real method of what we call BBQ today was slow-cooking over a wood fire, on indirect heat for very long periods of time.  The desired flavours were a mix of tender proteins, aromatized with rubs and spices and a hint of smoke. The proteins never touched the fire and so it was a more wholesome way of cooking.

I like to help people to eat well while increasing their vegetable intake. I know that people love to BBQ and our season is so short that it would be taking away pleasure if we were to stop. Instead, in cooking lessons or private consultations, we can learn how to use the BBQ safely and to include many delectable vegetables and even fruits.

A simple marinade for protein  (for best health this would include burgers!)

2 tbsp avocado oil

1 tbsp lemon or lime juice

2 tbsp chopped fresh Rosemary

Sea salt

Black pepper

Mix them all in a bowl and let the proteins marinate for 1 hour in the fridge before grilling.

Wishing you wonderful and memorable meals in the most wholesome way possible!