Bandit Invade and Brutally Beat and Stole $5k from Oklahoma Man 


Oklahoma police are on a hunt for a bandit that allegedly invaded a man’s house, brutally battered him, and stole approximately $5, 000 he had won at a local gaming establishment.

The incident happened on a recent night when masked bandits broke into a front door of his Lawton, Okla. Home. According to the victim’s story, one of the two attackers had a firearm.

The victim was knocked out to the point he fell unconscious. The burglar stole his money and cell phone. When he was awake, he called his mother, who drove him to a local hospital.

The man had a fractured skull, nose, and orbital socket. He also suffered bleeding in his brain and had been admitted to ICU for several days.

In another unrelated incident, a suspect who allegedly shoots at officers in the Comanche Nation Casino parking lot has been indicted. Michael Oloa of Lawton had been prohibited from entering the casino, according to the report.

But on 25 May, he defied the order and went to the Comanche Nation gaming establishment. When he was asked to show ID by the police, he provided a fake one.

He then made his way to the parking lot and fired an officer. He then ran to a nearby apartment, where he was apprehended. Oloa had been also prohibited from owning a gun due to his history with felonies cases.

Oloa was charged for assaulting a federal officer and possessing a firearm. He is to face imprisonment of up 20 years if convicted on the two charges.


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