Baltimore Policeman Hunt for Killer of Celebrated Tech CEO Pava LaPere


In Baltimore, law enforcement agencies are in a heightened state of alert, fervently searching for a man regarded by authorities as “exceptionally dangerous” due to his suspicion of involvement in the death of acclaimed tech CEO Pava LaPere, 26, whose life was tragically cut short in an apartment building on Monday.

32-year-old Jason Dean Billingsley is the suspect whose whereabouts are currently unknown. He is believed to be armed and presents an immediate danger on account of his charges which include first-degree murder and assault, all related to the demise of LaPere as conveyed by the acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley.

LaPere, a luminary in the tech industry who was hailed as one of the founders of the nascent EcoMap Technologies, vanished on Monday morning. In the ensuing search, her body was discovered later that day within a downtown apartment, bearing visible witnesses of a brutal and uncompromising assault on her person, a devastating revelation shared by Commissioner Worley.

The young woman was no ordinary entrepreneur – her noteworthy contribution in the field led to her recognition in Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 Social Impact. She will be remembered as an inspiring figure whose unwavering support towards her colleagues truly embodied her innovative spirit. It was within her building, equipped with adequate security measures, her body was discovered, leading to questions about the circumstances of her death.

Investigators strongly conjecture that Billingsley remains within the bounds of Baltimore. Urging citizens with any knowledge of him or his whereabouts to alert the authorities, Worley ominously quotes Billingsley’s criminal past, “This individual will kill, and he will rape. He will do anything he can to cause harm.”

A statement released by Baltimore police included an enticing $6,000 reward, offering it to anyone who could provide information directly leading to the arrest or charges of the suspect, who is also implicated in an attempted murder, arson, and rape case from the previous week.

Witnesses who miraculously survived the ordeal sustained severe injuries, recovering now to a stable condition in the hospital. Impelling evidence unites the suspect not only to LaPere’s murder but also a separate case from September 19, revealing a dangerous criminal at large with a likely access to arms.

As chilling reports emerged, Billingsley’s mother pleaded with her son to surrender in text conversations, expressing her fear of his imminent death if he continued to evade arrest.

After guilty pleas to a succession of violent crimes spanning from 2009 to 2015, Billingsley was sentenced to prison term of 30 years, net of a deduction of 16 months for time served. Released from incarceration under mandatory supervision requirements in October 2022, the convicted felon was registered as a sex offender in Maryland’s database soon after his exit.

The unforeseen demise of LaPere left a significant void amongst her admirers and the local tech community, where her influence as a dedicated and compassionate leader was paramount to EcoMap’s burgeoning success.

EcoMap Technologies, a company pioneered by LaPere and COO Sherrod Davis when the former was an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, rode on the leading edge of technological revolution, selling AI tools that were designed to ease the flows of information and customer communication.

With a workforce of over 30 employees, the company was part of a rapidly evolving AI market. Just this past August, it boasted nearly $8 million in financing and was instrumental in elevating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Baltimore.

The city’s Mayor Brandon Scott commended LaPere’s impact and efforts towards strengthening their community, highlighting her intent to make a compelling difference to the cityscape. As suitable tributes pour in, the community mourns the loss of LaPere, who had been affectionately termed as a “beacon of light.”

Delali Dzirasa, LaPere’s mentor and the CEO of Fearless, a Baltimore-based company, along with a host of friends and associates, paid touching homage to the late entrepreneur. She was remembered not only as an unstoppable force in her own right, but also for her capacity to create space for others and amplify collective action, positioning Baltimore in a favorable light.

A public vigil is underway, epitomizing the celebration of the extraordinary life LaPere led, that left an indelible mark on her community and the tech world at large.


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