Baltimore Police Launch Manhunt for Suspected Tech CEO Killer


In an escalation to a grim and urgent investigation, Baltimore law enforcement officers have launched an intensive manhunt for an alarmingly dangerous individual, believed to be linked to the brutal murder of celebrated entrepreneur Pava LaPere. The 26-year-old victim held the role of CEO at EcoMap Technologies, a pioneering tech start-up she co-founded in the heart of the city.

Police have named Jason Dean Billingsley, aged 32, as the main suspect, shedding light on his violent criminal background which includes first-degree murder and assault among other serious offenses. Billingsley is now at the forefront of a criminal investigation, linked to the cruel death of LaPere, known for her phenomenal leadership within EcoMap Technologies and her inclusion in Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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LaPere was reported missing on a dismal Monday morning, giving rise to grave concern within her close-knit tech community. After a few tense hours, tragedy unfolded within a downtown apartment where LaPere’s lifeless body was discovered, with harrowing signs of blunt-force trauma evident.

Richard Worley, the acting Baltimore Police Commissioner, underlined the gravity of Billingsley’s threat, enumerating his disturbing criminal past and urging the public’s urgent assistance in tracking him.

Investigations have led authorities to believe that Billingsley is concealing himself within the vicinity of Baltimore, a fear raised alongside a $6,000 reward announced as incentive for information leading to his apprehension. The chilling reality of the suspect’s capabilities was underscored by a beleaguered Mayor Brandon Scott, who references the suspect’s profoundly dangerous nature.

Adding to the troubling narrative, news has emerged that the suspect, following a plea from his mother, is refusing to surrender to authorities. Billingsley’s criminal record stands as a sobering reminder of what he may be capable of. His legal history encompasses notable charges such as first-degree assault and a first-degree sex offense.

Upon his court-ordered release from prison in October of 2022, Billingsley was placed in Maryland’s database as a registered sex offender. This connection to a distinguished public figure such as LaPere has left loved ones, industry peers, and the larger community shocked and in mourning.

LaPere had gained much recognition for her dedication and inspiring leadership at EcoMap Technologies. She was instrumental in propelling the company’s growth and establishing Baltimore’s tech community, and was noticed for her commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering her colleagues.

Her vision and passion have left a significant imprint on her startup, EcoMap Technologies, which has become a leader in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence. LaPere successfully secured financing for the company and actively worked to uplift other emerging tech industry talents in Baltimore.

Mayor Scott recounted LaPere’s dedication to Baltimore’s tech community, praising her as a devoted young talent. Delali Dzirasa, one of her mentors and CEO of Baltimore-based company Fearless, spoke of her indomitable spirit and how she constantly sought to make space for others.

Friends and acquaintances remember her as a source of inspiration and guidance. A respectful vigil dedicated to celebrating her extraordinary life is slated to be held on Wednesday, to remember her contributions and impact on those around her. Her loss is a blow to the community and her tenacious spirit will continue to be an inspiration.