Bally’s Weighs $15 Share Acquisition Amid Skepticism


In the high-stakes world of corporate acquisitions, a surprising hand has been dealt in the saga surrounding Bally’s Corporation. The company, a renowned operator within the illustrious setting of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, now finds itself contemplating a fresh acquisition bid. Unlike the lofty $38 per share offer from January 2022 that fell through, this Monday’s proposition of $15 per share by Standard General was met with skepticism, casting long shadows on the possibility of its acceptance.

The frontline of this analysis is Wells Fargo’s astute analyst, Daniel Politzer, who shares his expertise in a comprehensive client note. Politzer, doubling down on his scrutiny of Bally’s market position, stands by an “underperform” rating, alongside a conservative $9 price target. This figure starkly contrasts the seemingly generous $15 per share offer, unveiling a narrative of caution and pragmatism.

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“We think BALY’s should take this deal, but it’s hard to imagine they will,” Politzer sagely remarked, his commentary not just a mere reflection of numbers but of the strategic crossroads at which Bally’s stands. Politzer lays out the table, acknowledging that the hedge fund’s interest in Bally’s is more than a flirtatious gamble—it’s a credible, albeit slightly premium, proposition judged against the regional gaming space’s projected 2024 enterprise value/earnings metrics.

But what’s sown in the fertile grounds of financial analysis may not always take root in the board decisions at Bally’s. The company, threading through a complex labyrinth of gambles and growth, finds itself at a critical juncture. The notion of retreating into private hands, enticed by the stealthy maneuverings of sale-leasebacks or fortified by a successful Chicago venture, paints a seductive portrait for Bally’s future—a future, as Politzer outlines, that might emerge on the public market once again, stronger and financially pruned.

The tale unfurls further with Bally’s proactive assembly of a special committee, solely dedicated to weighing the merits of Standard General’s overture. In a display of due diligence, the committee’s establishment neither signifies a ringing endorsement nor a decline of the bid —simply a chapter of contemplation in Bally’s storied existence.

Time elapses and market dynamics shift. Few can overlook the changes that have transpired since the previous year’s bid. Truist Securities’ Barry Jonas delineates the altered landscape—Bally’s somewhat stalled efforts in harnessing the burgeoning iGaming and online sports wagering markets, the ambitious Chicago casino project, and the intriguing fate of Tropicana Las Vegas. The latter, currently poised on the brink of demolition, may give rise to a new iconic venue, possibly an MLB stadium, contingent on the future movements of the Oakland Athletics.

Amidst these financial plots and strategic turns, Bally’s hunt for the $800 million needed to see its Chicago dream to fruition looms large, and the Tropicana stands as both an asset and an enigma. Standard General’s intentions, veiled behind the silhouette of a takeover, must navigate these considerations against the backdrop of a company that bears little resemblance to its former self.

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