Bally’s Insiders Bet Big Amid Athletics’ Vegas Move


In a strategic flurry, insiders at Bally’s Corporation seized an opportune moment, acquiring an ample portion of the company’s stock just before a significant development unfolded. The anticipatory move came as Major League Baseball owners unanimously green-lit the Oakland Athletics’ proposed relocation to Las Vegas, a city already illuminated by the dazzle of Bally’s Tropicana operations.

The verdict from MLB echoed across the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, where the storied Tropicana stands. Tradition will yield to progress, as the iconic venue is destined to be dismantled in favor of a new, state-of-the-art baseball stadium. This transformation sets a timeline, eyeing the 2028 season as the debut of this sports and entertainment coliseum.

Bally’s made headlines in April of the previous year when it acquired the non-land assets of the Tropicana from Gaming and Leisure Properties in a staggering $308 million deal. But the strategic positioning by Bally’s executives did not end there. Between November 3 and November 9, Bally’s insiders purchased a substantial 81,500 shares, worth north of $760,000, as captured by Bloomberg’s financial lens. This buying spree saw CEO Robeson Reeves and President of Land-Based Casinos George Papanier claim 40,000 of those shares, showcasing a firm belief in the company’s upward trajectory.

The prudence of their investments was promptly vindicated. November 3rd’s closing share price of $9.32 rose robustly to $11.23 in a mere week’s time. Over the past month, the stock experienced an uplift of 21.93%, notwithstanding the year-to-date slump of 42%.

The arrival of the MLB in Las Vegas signals not just a victory for baseball fans but also delineates a strategic path forward for Bally’s Tropicana. Analyst Chad Beynon of Macquarie underscores this pivot point, spotlighting it as a formative opportunity for Bally’s to outline its next venture. Possibilities sprawl from erecting a brand-new gaming delight next to the stadium to selling off the prized Tropicana lease to another contender in gaming’s high-stakes arena.

Bally’s, holding at an “outperform” rating and graced with a $15 price target, isn’t the sole entity poised to revel in the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas. The city’s grand tapestry of entertainment destinations, including titans like MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, alongside Golden Entertainment and Wynn Resorts, stand to gain from this seismic shift, ensuring a more vibrant and enthralling entertainment landscape. Beynon’s vision casts the advent of the A’s as a catalyst, invigorating Las Vegas’s already electrifying draw.

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