Bally’s Confronts $800M Shortfall in Chicago Casino Project


In a high-stakes move that calls the business acumen and financial readiness of Bally’s into question, the prominent gaming operator approached the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Wednesday with a significant financial puzzle to solve. The executive team disclosed an $800 million shortfall in their budget for the much-talked-about Chicago project— slated to be the city’s premiere casino hotel—bringing the enterprise’s urgent need for capital into the spotlight.

With an eye-watering $1.1 billion estimated cost for the entire venture, Bally’s is currently grappling with a significant deficit, controlling only a $300 million fraction of the required sum. Marcus Glover, Bally’s Chief Financial Officer, informed the regulatory board that the company is actively seeking to bridge this gap through discussions with an undisclosed potential financing partner. Glover expressed optimism about resolving the funding issue, expecting positive developments by the summer of this year.

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Glover’s revelations included Bally’s acquisition plans for the Chicago Tribune’s plot, which is intended to be the site of the casino’s permanent location. With half a billion-dollar credit facility at its disposal—one which has already seen a $250 million deployment for the acquisition of the Freedom Center land—Bally’s seems to be navigating a tightrope of responsible fiscal planning and ambitious expansion.

However, not all are convinced of the operator’s financial robustness or the propriety of the Chicago casino allocation. Since the city, under former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, granted Bally’s the exclusive Chicago casino permit, voices of dissent have risen to a crescendo, challenging everything from the legitimacy of the bidding to the suitability of Chicago as home to a Vegas-style operation.

Among the skeptics is Bally’s Chicago Watch, a vigilant advocate group with no affiliation to the gaming company or the city. The group, via a digital missive, cast doubts on Bally’s financial qualifications, underscoring a deviation from an initial $1.7 billion commitment down to the current $1.1 billion for the Chicago venture.

What’s more, a shadow of suspicions has emerged over the permit-awarding process, stirring up talks of potential inquiries, including a federal investigation, adding to Bally’s embattled situation.

Despite not elaborating on contingency plans, the CFO hinted that Bally’s was not without options. The gaming operator could leverage its extensive real estate portfolio, consider selling Tropicana Las Vegas’s operational rights, or even pursue less favorable paths like issuing corporate debt or additional stock—options that come with their respective share of drawbacks.

As Bally’s works to see their vision come true in Chicago, securing funds to realize the ambitious project is its next crucial gamble—one that hasn’t unfolded yet but is being watched closely by stakeholders and observers alike.

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