Bally’s Chicago Casino Faces Revenue Reality Check


In the resplendent shadow of Chicago’s historic Medinah Temple now sits Bally’s Chicago, a name etched with the promise of a thriving gaming oasis in the heart of the city. Launched to a flourish of anticipation, the temporary casino was envisioned as a precursor to a grander, opulent future—a vision now betraying the faint outlines of uncertainty.

When Bally’s Chicago threw open its doors last fall, the clamor of 800 slot machines and the shuffling of cards across 56 live dealer tables seemed to herald the dawning of a new gaming era. The 34,000-square-foot interim establishment was shouldered with the lofty mission of funding the Rhode Island-based operator’s ambitious plans for a $1.7 billion resort casino at the Freedom Center.

Beyond the glittering allure of its gaming floors, the establishment carried the weight of civic duty—it was endorsed by state and city officials as a means to bolster Chicago’s flagging police and firefighter pension fund with much-needed tax revenue.

Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office had once projected the casino would swell the city’s coffers with approximately $12.8 million in gaming tax proceeds in 2023. These estimations were made with the expectation that Bally’s would amass $102.5 million from its gamblers, anchored by earnings from slots and table games, supplemented by sports betting.

Yet, reality carved a stark contrast to such projections when the Illinois Gaming Board unveiled the revenue reports—a mere $30.4 million had been generated in gross gaming revenue from September through December. The city’s share? A modest sum just north of $3.1 million, falling significantly short of hopeful predictions.

Despite the underwhelming start, officials from Bally’s Chicago remain steadfast, attributing the tepid revenue stream to unanticipated regulatory delays and asserting confidence that various marketing initiatives have yet to reach their full potential. Under the helmsmanship of General Manager Mark Wong, the casino has diversified its offerings with free parking, appealing promotions, and extended hours to tailor the guest experience.

The casino’s incremental buildup seemed to bear fruit as December saw an uplift in fortunes with a record intake of nearly 100K visitors. The upsurge in patrons filled the casino with vibrancy and contributed to over $8.5 million won from gamblers—their best monthly performance to date.

Though a $40 million upfront payment from Bally’s to the City of Chicago served as a temporary balm for first responder pension funds, one cannot help but speculate on the future. As aspirations tower with projected winnings set to crest to staggering heights in the coming years, the casino’s journey to fiscal triumph remains an uncertain trek paved with grand intentions and quiet apprehension.

The trail from a fledgling temporary casino to the glistening horizon of Bally’s Chicago’s promised resort is beset with speculation and the whisper of federal investigations over licensing. Amidst these tribulations and triumphs within the world of brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, lies the ever-present and ever-growing realm of online casinos—a landscape where the spin of a digital roulette wheel and the flip of a virtual card bring casino floors to life on screens across the nation.

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