Bally’s and Maverick Gaming Launch Premier Poker Room in Rhode Island Casino Revamp


The most recent strategic move in the flourishing casino industry comes from Bally’s and Maverick Gaming, as they have announced a collaborative venture to launch a poker room at the Twin River casino in Rhode Island, run by regional casino operator.

The birth of this exciting venture signifies the completion of a significant milestone in the casino industry. Marking the culmination of Bally’s ambitious $100 million revamp of its Twin River Lincoln casino, the new poker room shores up the operator’s reputation of providing high-quality gaming experiences. The event has been sealed in April 2023 with a grand celebration, attended by illustrious industry stalwarts and enthusiastic patrons.

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Upon finalizing the new partnership, the poker room has aptly been named Bally’s Maverick Poker Room. While the in-depth financial details remain undisclosed, the enterprises involved have clearly identified their roles and contributions. Maverick Gaming, led by CEO and accomplished poker player Eric Persson, forms the backbone of casino knowledge and expertise.

In an official statement highlighting their shared objectives, Tony Rohrer, regional vice president and general manager of Bally’s Twin River, shared, “Our goal is to elevate the gaming experience of our poker room by tapping into the knowledge and experience of Maverick Gaming. We are aiming to attract world-renowned poker players and position the Bally’s Maverick Poker Room as the premier poker destination in the region.”

Maverick Gambling, with its vast asset base which includes numerous casinos in Colorado and Nevada, along with nearly two dozen card rooms in Washington, brings invaluable industry experience to the table. The new poker room promises daily tournaments with variable buy-ins ranging from $50 to $450, as well as thrilling cash games.

Bally’s and Maverick Gaming share a rich history that has witnessed an attempt by Maverick to acquire the Eldorado casino hotel in Shreveport, La. This particular venture didn’t materialize as the hotel eventually found a home with Bally’s. With an intent to build upon their shared past, Bally’s alongside Maverick announced plans for a unique poker room at the Tropicana on the Las Vegas Strip in May 2023. However, these plans momentarily fizzled out due to the temporary closure of the integrated resort to pave way for a potential Major League Baseball stadium.

Drawing attention to the future of Bally’s Twin River, Persson stated, “Our long-term plan is to eventually, with proper regulatory approval, hold tournaments seven days a week. With varying buy-ins, we aim to accommodate all types of recreational and professional players.” He also hinted at the possibility of the venue hosting their twice-annual circuit event, which could potentially reel in over 3,000 players.

The partnership with Maverick Gaming stands as a testament to Bally’s goal of enhancing its Twin River property. The company has invested $60 million in embellishing the site, including the introduction of a non-smoking gaming area. Rohrer spoke of diversified enhancements introduced recently, such as an Asian food hall, Korean-style spa, and gaming addition. He mentioned these improvements as an ongoing effort to “innovate and exceed expectations, providing guests with unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.”

Bally’s financial outlay at Twin River forms part of the operator’s pledged $100 million investment aimed at uplifting its Rhode Island venues. As the company continues to enhance and diversify its service offerings, the gambling lovers can look forward to enjoying a broader and more immersive gaming experience.