Bally’s $1.1B Chicago Casino Hotel Forges Ahead


In the ever-evolving landscape of major metropolitan development, a paradigm shift is observed as power moves and grand designs shape the city of Chicago. In a bold thrust toward the future, hedge fund Standard General has stepped forward to declare its allegiance to the grand vision of Bally’s Corporation—namely, the monumental undertaking to erect a $1.1 billion casino hotel, an edifice of entertainment and luxury poised to transform the Chicago skyline.

The stage is set at the historic site of the Chicago Tribune’s Freedom Center printing facility, where the narrative of industrial might gives way to the new chapter of leisure and economic flourish. Here, Bally’s, a name synonymous with gaming prestige, may rise into a new era of hospitality under the determined and watchful eye of Standard General. Should Bally’s capitulate to Standard General’s offer of acquisition, the latter promises to embrace this commitment, fulfilling the destiny that Bally’s had set in motion.

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The financial intrigue is palpable as Standard General, holding a 23% stake in Bally’s equity, tendered a bid of $15 per share—a sharp departure from its previous overture of $38 a share in the year prior. The threads of this fiscal tapestry are woven by none other than Soo Kim, the Chairman of Bally’s, who stands at the helm of Standard General. Kim asserts that contractual bonds compel the fruition of the ambitious Chicago project.

The tale of this prospective casino hotel is not without its trials and tribulations. The grant of license back in 2022 by then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot sparked both a hope for municipal prosperity and a whirlwind of contention as criticisms and inquiries emerged regarding the licensing process. A labyrinth of logistical challenges surfaced, with infrastructure such as underground piping necessitating a recalibration of plans for the location of the hotel tower—a testament to the complex interplay between grandiose dreams and grounded realities.

Riding the crest of these undulating developments, the stance of Chicago’s current administration stands as a bulwark of conviction. The dialogue with Bally’s is steadfast, with the metropolis confident that the obligations of the proposed Host Community Agreement will be met, irrespective of the corporate maneuverings or changes in guardianship at Bally’s.

Yet, beneath the polished surface of projections and promises, questions percolate. Bally’s faces a Herculean challenge to close an $800 million financing chasm. The climate of creditor confidence is temperate, compounded by S&P Global Ratings’ downward revision of Bally’s creditworthiness.

Whispers of financial strain mingle with the clinks of chance and strategy—the very elements that permeate the world of gaming. In the hypothetical panorama where Bally’s transitions into a closely-held enterprise, the previously envisioned initial public offering (IPO) for the Chicago establishment now hangs in the balance. A special committee of Bally’s board members convenes, weighing the prospects of Standard General’s conquest.

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