Baie D’Urfé takes “Living Safe” approach includes resident designated hotline


The town of Baie D’Urfé has taken on a “Living Safe” approach during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 situation.  In their typical proactive fashion, the town has set up a Created a strategic task force (comprised of Council, Administration, and volunteer organizations) to meet on a regular basis via teleconferencing to develop an appropriate action plan for our Town and adjust as necessary, according to Mayor Maria Tutino.

“The town has set up a designated phone line and email address for residents  to call with Covid-19 related questions,” Tutino explained in a phone interview with the West Island Blog,  “call 514-457-5961 during business hours or by email at:”

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The town is known for its volunteer community that not only saves the town tax dollars but also serves to help those in need during critical times such as these.

“Support networks are being established to help as needed when residents need grocery, medication, and prepared lunches & suppers,” explained Tutino.

In a recent memo to residents the town outlined how to take advantage of home delivery service for groceries, medication and prepared meals A couple of strategic teams have been formed with the owners of Provigo, Proxim and Maxwell Residence, vCOPs and “Living Safe” organizations.

The town has also joined hands with the local Provigo grocer to set up a delivery service that would support residents in isolation.

According to Tutino,PC Express PC Express continues to be available for residents to order groceries online. The $5 fee for using this service has been waived. The order will be prepared for the time requested for pick-up and will be brought to the car so there will be no need to enter the store. If the household is in self-isolation or quarantined and home delivery service is required please indicate in the comments section that delivery is requested and the vCOP co-directors will be contacted. Home Delivery Service If residents need help to order groceries online and require home delivery, a new service has been put in place. The service will be evaluated and enhanced as required. A basic list of items has been identified for home delivery and will be inserted in the coming News&Views on March 29.

Some other points outlined in the towns memo to residents include:

• Developed an action plan to ensure the safety of Town employees and that the basic operations of the Town are able to continue.

• Until further notice, access to the Town Hall and Public Works building have been closed. We will continue to operate, but we ask residents to contact us by phone or email at the usual contact information channel.

• Created a strategic task force (comprised of Council, Administration, and volunteer organizations) to meet on a regular basis via teleconferencing to develop an appropriate action plan for our Town and adjust as necessary.

• Created strategic partnerships with Provigo, Proxim, Maxwell Residence, vCOPs and a youth organization “Living Safe” to enhance the Town’s food and medicine distribution networks for those in need.

• Suspended all events and public consultations organized by the Town until further notice as well as the activities from the library, the Red Barn, and the Fritz Community Center. EVOLVING SITUATION AND THE NEED FOR NEW PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS The situation is evolving daily and the Town needs to stay on top of the situation in order to help our residents ride out the storm as painlessly as possible. We will need your help should the situation get more serious.

• It is important that you follow the advice from public authorities to stop the spread of the disease and self-isolate as needed. – Call 1 877 644-4545 if you want to talk to somebody about your symptoms. • We need you to identify if you or someone you know in the Town may require help. Please call me directly, if you wish, at 514 898-5788 or by email at Support networks are being established to help as needed (grocery, medication, and prepared lunches & suppers).

• If you wish to volunteer to help the Town with its action plan, please contact Rescue Squad director Wayne Belvedere at 514 886-0205 or at WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STAY INFORMED

• Subscribe to the Town’s Mailchimp and CodeRED communications system so that we can send you important information relating to the Coronavirus disease in the most secure and efficient way. – You can subscribe via our Town website or send us your coordinates with the help of a friend or family member by email at: (name, home address, email) or with the Covid-19 hotline at: 514 457-5961.

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