Baie D’Urfé elementary school septic tank is smelling up the neighbourhood


Parents of Joseph Henrico contacted the media because they are fed up with the smells that emanate from the school’s sanitary facility next to the students’ entrance.

The septic tank was installed 56 years ago. According to a TVA report, parents describe the sometimes horrible smells that plague toddlers and staff who attend the school.

Even though the septic tank is surrounded by cedars, but that doesn’t stop the smell from travelling.

It’s an annoyance is noticed throughout the neighbourhood.

Patrick Bussière, father of a student, alerted the Ministry of the Environment.

“A 20-foot by 40-meter open septic tank, you can’t camouflage that with a cedar hedge.” he explained in an interview with TVA. “It has to be contained, you can’t keep it open.”

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board claim they were working on a solution to resolve the problem.

The commission indicated by email to TVA Nouvelles that the current processing station was installed in 1964 and is legal, but it is at the end of its useful life. The intention is to change the septic tank this spring. Meanwhile, the plan is to empty it frequently and to treat with enzymes.

A certificate of authorization from the Ministry of the Environment is required to carry out the work. Expert reports will also be consulted.


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