Baffin Island Children Will Receive 200 Books Focused On Inuit/First Nations


A woman living in Nunavut, Gayle Harrison, has over 200 books focused on Inuit/First Nations. She plans to distribute those books to kids living on Baffin Islands.

Gayle Harrison is an optician who has traveled all across the world. Eventually, she has decided to move to Baffin Island from southwestern Ontario. Her goal is to train local hires for Inuulisautinut Niuvirvik, a new optical and optometry practice.

In order to find those books, Harrison first had to establish contact with Strong Nations Gifts & Books, an Indigenous-owned book and gift store based in Nanaimo B.C. The store features all kinds of books, and it is especially focused on offering works related to the Indigenous, Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

She has raised money and bought over 200 books from Strong Nations Gifts & Books.

Harrison added:

“I’m very lucky. I am surrounded by a community of people, friends and family who are kind and generous. For years I asked them for money for glasses when I go overseas. And I just thought you know what? I’m going to ask them for books and maybe, you know, in a couple of weeks we can have 200 books to put into these backpacks.”

Besides sending Harrison those 200 books that she ordered, the store will also donate 60 books to the cause. Lori Jacobson, the customer service representative at Strong Nations, stated:

“I noticed a lot of the books that they are ordering have a northern theme to them, so that’s awesome.”

The books will be distributed to children who have scheduled eye exams on Baffin Island.


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