Baby it’s cold outside!


By Ken Ingram President

Well here we are again, a new year has begun and weather-wise we have had a lot of fun. Some snow, some rain, and well you must admit we have had several days that have been fidget. Time for some good news. Although winter is not over, Montréal will hit the Environment Canada statistical dead point on January 21st. So, what does this mean? It means that there is more winter behind us then ahead of us (if you can really rely on the stats). I am sure that not many of us will be dancing in the streets in celebration, nevertheless and at this point any positive news is great, great, great!

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Ok now that I have you in a better mood and trust you are feeling more positive, let’s talk business. It may be cold outside but there is plenty of business going on locally, regionally, nationally and globally. You may not feel as if things are moving forward at times, but I am here to assure you, that business has not stopped because of the weather, and realistically businesses are not hibernating waiting for spring and warmer days. So, let me share with you a few warm ideas to help kick start 2017.

Some businesses rely on referrals while others rely solely on networking opportunities. A combination of both is always ideal, however you need to take charge.  To achieve this is quite simple:  you need to get out and meet people.

Therefore, let’s get out together and “Network”. The West Island Chamber of Commerce has multiple events each year. Notably, one of the most well-attended event is the President’s cocktail. That is where I will be on January 18th meeting people who are looking for opportunities to do business. The following week the Saint-Laurent / Mont-Royal Chamber of Commerce will also be hosting an event on January 25th.  Furthermore, the Italian Association will be holding an event scheduled in February.

The list of networking opportunities is endless.  I wholly recommend that you do your research and take control of your 2017 business development strategy.

Since launching my business some 14 years ago, I have managed to be productive and effective every month of the year. If I can do it, you surely can as well. It boils down to how imaginative and creative you are and can be. The reason I say this is that success in business requires a combination of ideas.  Let’s face, it every business has competition but the well of opportunities out there is endless. An interesting comparison might be the process of looking for love. Both men and women have competition but somewhere out there awaits a good match. The process can be long and at times difficult yet rewarding when you find the right partner. In business, you are looking for the right type of client and it requires careful planting of the right kind of seeds. So, by getting out and networking you are planting seeds that will begin to grow as we move out of the cold of winter and into the warmth of spring.

As you attend networking or similar types of events set yourself a networking goal. Don’t attend if you are just going to stand around talk to one person and sample a sprig of broccoli and occasionally smile. Move around the room, introduce yourself by painting a picture by “saying you know how”. This will add some fun to the process. Remember to define what you are expecting to achieve from your participation at the event. How many prospects are you expecting? With said prospects in mind, follow-up after the event. Remember to look for quality (a good fit to your business profile) not quantity.

Lastly, business development is an art and a process that can be learned and mastered. Do you have the audacity to be the master of your destiny in your search for a gold medal financial year personally and professionally in 2017?  Think about it!

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