B.C’s Back To School Plan Not Inclusive, Failing Person With Special Needs; Autism Advocate


B.C’s autism vice president says the current back to school plan is not inclusive as it has failed to address the needs of special needs students.

Kaye Banez, who is also a parent of an autistic child, says the plans developed for fall’s back to school program is insufficient and a huge step backwards from what authorities has developed in 2020.

Learners with disabilities have had a tough time because they have been excluded from learning and classroom activities, something the group BCeDAccess has been working to correct.

Banez added that the plan developed in 2020 failed to provide adequate resources, including education assistance, to special needs learners. In some instance, the learners were sent home early after school hours.

She added that it has become difficult, impossible in some cases, for her child Lazarus, and others in his circumstance, to know and follow health guidelines on COVID-19 without help.

The 2021 plan, which came out last week, does not offer than many remote learning options as was case last year.

She notes that unless proper assistance is given for Lazarus and others like him, he will be enrolled online away from a regular school program.


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