B.C Residents Angered By Govt’s Decision To Euthanize 35 Stanley Park Coyotes


B.C’s government is facing a lot of backlash from angry resident over its recent decision to euthanize 35 coyotes at the Stanley Park.

Last Friday, the Forestry Ministry stated that they would engage professionals to catch 35 coyotes in the Stanley Park in the following two weeks, something the government says is necessary due to an increase number human-related incidence.

At least 40 people say they were attacked by coyotes from the Park since December last year. So far, conservation officials have had 7 of the coyotes killed in 2021.

The forestry ministry clarified that non-lethal means of removing the coyotes from the park wasn’t a possible solution in this case due to a highly food-conditioned and humans habituated coyotes population in the park.

Residents are running a petition to oppose euthanizing of the coyotes, and by Sunday evening, it had gathered over 12000 signatures. It was set up by Leilani Pulsifer, and is calling on the government’s Conservation Office Service to end the killing of the wild animals, and instead, identify the problematic few.

The petition is also urging the government to pass a law that makes it illegal to feed wild animals.

Rebeka Breder, animal lawyer, echoed these sentiments adding that local authorities failed to deal with the matter appropriately, which has brought about a significant cost implication.


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