B.C Reports 742 New Infections Over The Weekend, 7-Day Average Hits 200


Last Tuesday, B.C reported 742 new infections, and one fatality over the weekend, health authorities said.

The most recent figures the Health Ministry reported have pushed B. C’s 7-day average up to 196, a huge increase from the previous figure of 35 that was reported at the start of July.

The province topped a similar 7-day average last on the 5th of July. The current average has surpassed the figures the province reported in the first wave, but it still well below the 1130 daily average seen during the third wave.

Health officials noted that 160 cases were reported between Friday and Saturday, and a further 196 between Saturday and Sunday. Between Sunday and Monday, 185 cases were reported, while the period between Monday and Tuesday had 201 infections.

Of these case, 395 were reported in B.C’s Interior health zone, which has seeing a surge in infections. This prompted health officials to announce an outbreak in Central Okanagan, and impose measures, including a mask mandate.

The active case load in B.C has rises to 1544 as last Tuesday, up by 300 from the figure reported last week. This is the highest tis figure has gotten to since the 13th of July.

Most of these cases, 847 to be precise, are in the interior health zone. Fraser health has 348, while Vancouver Coastal zone has 212.


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