B.C Relaxes Measures Allows Some Gathering, Eating Out With Friends, And Some Travel


Authorities in B.C have relaxed measures somewhat, allowing people to eat out with friends, host a few visitors at home, and travel for recreational reasons within designated health zones.

The government is seeking to restore a sense of normalcy after many weeks of tight COVID-19 rules. These and a few other loose regulations will take effect immediately, health officials noted.

Provided the province manages to keep infections low, and increases its vaccination efforts, the government said it would relax a few more restrictions in the summer.

This implies the reopening of normalcy, increase sporting activity, re-opening of casinos and night clubs and increase recreation travel across the province and the country between June and September.

However, Premier John Hogan noted that they would only make such steps with the help of concrete data.

The government is running a restart plan that it will execute in 4 phases, although only the first one has been confirmed.

Premier Henry said that they need the public’s help to move forward, and people can do so by following all health guidelines.

This is a welcome move in B.C, and many are hopeful that the government will continue to ease even more restrictions allowing the economy to grow once again.

As soon as July, the government is likely to re-open theaters, indoor sporting activities as well as high-intensity fitness spaces. Liquor hours could be extended at restaurants and bars right up to midnight.

However, this will be dependent on infection numbers, rate of hospitalization, and the number of persons with at least first jab immunization.

Premier henry noted that the government’s goal has been to protect the people and still keep health care working as normally as possible without causing too much disruption. The premier added that they plan to continue with this balancing act in the summer.


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