B.C Registers 1168 New Infections And Hospitalization Rate Hits New High


B.C has surpassed its previous infection rate for hospitalization with the Coronavirus, health officials say. About 397 persons have been hospitalized so far, 120 of these being under intensive care. This is up from the previous 381 infections that the province reported on the 6th of January.

At a joint press briefing, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer and minister Adrian Dix, announced 1168 infections, which places the province’s weekly average at 1126 each day.

Another six fatalities have been reported, placing the total deaths at 1521. On Wednesday, health minister Dix cited increasing hospitalization rate as one of the main reasons the province is planning to extend some of its present restrictions. It is not certain how long the restrictions will last.

Several restaurant owners met with the health ministers. They got off the meeting, saying that they expect the restrictions will be in place way past the Victoria weekend.

The health minister noted that he is expecting hospitalizations will climb. He referred to hospitalization rates as a considerable lag indicator as they show that they registered several days ago.

There’s good news regarding vaccination as Health Canada recently declared AstraZeneca safe for use despite there being a risk of treatable blood clotting. Provincial health officials are still waiting to be informed whether they can continue administering the vaccine to persons under 55.

So far, the province has immunized 1103012 persons, accounting for 21 percent of the province’s population and 87,820 second jabs.


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