B.C. Posts Schedule For Those Seeking Phase 2 Vaccination Appointments


Those who are scheduled for the second phase f vaccination are notified that health officials in B.C have posted a schedule of when they can book an appointment.

Health Minister, Adrian Dix, Dr. Bonnie Henry and the premier, John Hogan, spoke at the last press briefing earlier in the week to schedule B.C’s next step in its vaccination outline.

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Until recently, only persons seeking the first injection could be served. Phase 1 included vaccination of remote communities, long-term care residents and staff, residents in assisted living, and hospital care workers on the frontline.

Health officials stated they have completed the first phase of vaccination for everyone in long-term care including staff and visitors together with everyone who has been assessed and is inline for long-term care. The officials also noted phae1 vaccination of other groups is nearly done.

As of the 1st of March, the first phase of injection will be issued to persons in independent living and senior support. These persons will be contacted and appointment details provided directly to them.

Then, beginning the 8th of March, seniors aged at least 80 and indigenous persons aged at least 65 are scheduled for vaccination starting the 15th of March.

Registration dates for these groups are March 8th for those born on or before 1931, and 1956 for indigenous communities. These persons can call in to have an appointment set up. Seniors born in 1936 or older can also call to have an appointment set up.

Officials set aside March the 22nd as the date when persons born in 1941 or before can set up their appointment.

When people call in to set up an appointment, the call center will require such information as date of birth, legal names, personal health number, postal code as well as current contact details.

Dr. Penny Ballem, who leads the B.Cs vaccination plan, noted during the last press briefing that if the queue is exceptionally long at the call center, a message will be sent out asking callers to call at a later time. She added that caregivers and family members will be allowed to book appointments for other people, provided they have all the necessary information.

While some elderly members of the community were happy to have the vaccination appointment schedule, some felt anxious about making calls, noting that BC’s phone lines could easily be flooded. Health officials acknowledged this issued, reiterating that it is possible that it might occur in the province.

Health officials stated that the third phase of vaccination, which will involve persons aged 60 to 79 years, and those aged 16 or above with clinical vulnerabilities will start around the 15th of April. B.C will make these register their appointments for phases 1 and 2 through their system.

All persons aged between 75 and 79, and indigenous persons aged 60 to 64 will be allowed to make online appointments via phones start 31st March.

Estimates show that persons aged 18 years and older in the province will be vaccinated by coming September. However, authorities noted that this timeline might change, based on the delivery of vaccines and depending on when they administered the first and second phase.