B.C Plans To Restrict Non-Essential Travel Beyond Health Zones, Signs Saying The Same Up On All Border Points


Provincial authorities are working on new guidelines to curb cross-border movement for all non-essential travel of all B.C residents beyond their health zones.

While speaking at a press briefing on Monday, Premier John Horgan stated that the rules are in the pipeline and the public safety minister plans to restrict movement within Alberta.

In addition, B.C will have signs erected along the border, the premier stated. The signs will be used to remind all travelers visiting B.C that, unless their visit is essential, they should not be in Alberta.

As regards travel within B.C, Horgan noted that Mike Farnworth, Minister, will give the order this Friday under the provincial emergency Program Act.

Horgan added that these will be initiated via random audits, and will not be like roadside stops that they use during Christmas. All travelers will be checked, and they will be some kind of fine for those who plan to travel outside their health zones without sound reason. However, he did not state how much the fine will be.

The premier also said that authorities will be working with BIPOC to ensure these restrictions are effected in a way that does not inflict fear in people.

Among the measures in place including the fact that representatives from the tours and travel space will be helping to close all booking by people who wish to travel outside their health zones, including those planning to come into the province.

Also, at the close of the week, BC Ferries will not be taking in any bookings for recreational automobiles including trailers and Campers. Service providers will also get in touch with those who have prior bookings to ensure that their reason for travel is essential.


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