B.C Lawyer Says Privacy Rights Possibly Trumped By Need Immunize Against COVID-19


One of B.C’s litigation lawyers specializing in privacy matters has said that public health concerns might trump over the citizens’ right to privacy where the immunization passport is concerned.

This came after the government in B.C said that proof of immunization will be required for those seeking various non-essential services.

The Lawyer, Kyle Bienvenu, a partner at the Hira Rowan LLP, Vancouver, said that where public health is concerned, courts won’t support a citizen who challenges breach of privacy. He added that courts have established such precedents in various other cases during the pandemic.

B.C’s Premier, John Hogan, said Monday that he has come to an agreement with the Privacy Commissioner to guarantee that the passports will serve a single purpose. However, a number of businesses have expressed concern regarding enforcement of the immunization passport rules.

Carl McCreath, Steamworks Brewing Company’s president for restaurant operation, said that while they are in support of the vaccine passports, their biggest concern is having staff enforce the rules. He added that their must be a strong communication from the government regarding the importance of the passport.

Bienvenu added that with regards to legal ramifications, customers who are denied admittance and files complaints, its possible that will be protection for businesses.


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