B.C. Health Officer Say that the Province isn’t Ready to Relax COVID-19 Restrictions Measures


Dr. Bonnie Henry, the B.C. provincial health official, says that the increasing positive test cases is deterring the province’s hope of loosening the COVID-19 restrictions at the beginning of March.

Henry broke the news on Thursday during the coronavirus briefing, revealing the official key metric of the pandemic’s severity. He insisted that the metrics show that the province isn’t yet ready to loosen the measures despite the slowing infections’ confidence.

In recent weeks, B.C. average cases for seven days was above 500, which was the first high case ever since mid-January. Henry also said that the number of positive test cases has also gone up by 6.7 percent.

Henry added that the number of infections could increase if care isn’t taken. B.C. health officials had earlier announced the indefinite extension ban on social gathering due to the spreading of new variants.

However, at the time, Henry had indicated that the ban was temporary and relaxed when the province managed the cases in early February. The relaxation is meant to give families time to spend out after long winter.

Henry summed up by saying that the government might still consider relaxing the measures in March. Despite increasing new cases of COVID-19 IN B.C., the average death in the province has decreased. New cases in care homes have also steadily dropped.


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