B.C Announced 1360 New Infections, 14 Fatalities Over The Last Weekend


B.C announced it recorded 1360 infections and 14 fatalities over the last weekend.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer, noted that most of the death involved persons aged over 60 years, with two being in the age range 40 to 59 years. Overall, B.C has recorded 139664 infections and 1648 fatalities since the pandemic started.

After a huge surge in infections in the 3rd wave, the province’s epidemiological curve has continued to shift downwards in the past few weeks, and this trend was seen over the last weekend.

The weekly average declined to 508 each day last Monday, which is the lowest the province has seen since the 4th of March. The overall active caseload declined to 5021, a decrease of at least 500 that started on Friday.

Hospitalization rates also went down by about 37 from the previous figure of 350. This includes 137 persons who are currently under intensive care.

In the meantime, health authorities are reading themselves to issue an update on current restriction measures that they have had running for a long time. However, Dr. Henry emphasized that they have no plan to change existing measures until after Victoria Day.

Dr. Henry added that they will be looking into community infections and compare that against the number of persons who have been immunized and have an entire month to build their immunity.

She urged people to follow all health measures as that is the only way the province will be able to keep infection rates down.


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