and Bitfinex Pay Partner to Revolutionize Crypto Retail Payments


On May 8, 2024, a significant collaboration was announced between, a digital payments technology provider, and Bitfinex Pay, an emerging cryptocurrency payment gateway., known for its pioneering efforts in financial technologies across South East Asia, has joined Bitfinex Pay as an enterprise member. This partnership aims to accelerate the mainstream retail adoption of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, and Tether stablecoins for transactions.

The formal agreement, signed on April 8, 2024, marks a strategic effort to integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions into both online and physical retail environments. “Inclusivity is key to progress. has worked tirelessly to develop payment solutions that empower the unbanked and underbanked globally,” said K.C. Seow, the CEO of Seow emphasized that the collaboration comes at a pivotal moment as traditional online payments become commonplace, and cryptocurrency acceptance gains traction. He pointed out that the market is increasingly ready to embrace digital currencies.

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Under the agreement, will play a crucial role in onboarding merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments by integrating the Bitfinex Pay API into their e-commerce checkout methods and Point of Sale (POS) systems for brick-and-mortar stores. Seow explained, “This is a welcome challenge – it goes beyond conversion of our existing merchant database. At this time, the majority of ‘click’ and ‘brick’ merchants both still need extensive education, training and support to fully reap the benefits of this new payment method. This same familiarization needs to extend to their customers and employees, so our first goal is to do this fast, widely and effectively while providing resource-efficiency to all stakeholders.” will leverage its software capabilities to gather valuable feedback from merchants and users, assisting Bitfinex Pay in refining its crypto payment system and enhancing the user experience. This initiative underscores’s commitment to advancing financial technologies and fostering an inclusive financial ecosystem.

Merchants interested in accepting cryptocurrency payments can find more information on’s website.

Awepay is recognized not merely as a payment gateway solution but as a partner in the journey towards excellence. With extensive expertise in the payment processing industry, Awepay boasts an international network, strong business acumen, and a forward-thinking approach. This collaboration represents a commitment to fostering growth and success for all involved parties.