Award-Winning Chef Dominique Ansel to Open Paris-Inspired Market in Las Vegas this Fall


Renowned James Beard Award-winning French pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, has set the culinary world abuzz with the announcement of the opening of his second gastronomical outpost in Las Vegas – Dominique Ansel Marché – scheduled to debut this fall at Paris, Las Vegas. This innovation complements his first Sin City eatery, Dominique Ansel Las Vegas, which opened its doors at Caesar’s Palace in May 2022.

The enticing concept behind Dominique Ansel Marché draws deeply on the open-air markets that are a signature element in the culinary landscape of Paris. The former space of JJ’s Boulangerie will be rejuvenated and showcase an invigorating menu promising the tastiest rotisserie chicken and succulent roasted potatoes.

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Ansel, steeped in admiration for the open-air markets of Paris, conveyed his passion for the freshness and quality of products found there. Ansel said, “I’ve always loved the open-air markets that often pop up throughout Paris, where you can find the best and freshest foods.”

True to Ansel’s pastry expertise, the market will be a haven for dessert enthusiasts with a delicious array of croissants, viennoiserie, cakes, and the groundbreaking cronut – the ingenious croissant-doughnut hybrid that Ansel himself invented.

In other culinary news, each gleaming clink and clatter from the vibrant Vegas restaurant scene echoes the energetic dance of old players exploring new ventures and new ones staking their claim. Amongst these, the rumor of the impending closure of José Andrés’ third Strip restaurant – Bazaar Meat, after a successful 10-years run at Sahara, is causing quite a stir. Despite the absence of an official statement, speculations are rife as per’s Vital Vegas blog. Coincidentally, Andrés’s fifth Las Vegas Strip restaurant, Bazaar Mar, is set to unveil this summer.

In the meantime, Las Vegas’s beloved Big B’s Texas BBQ is relocating to a roomier location at 8125 W. Sahara Blvd from its original South Fort Apache Road location. Meanwhile, the Collective Shopping Mall prepares to host a brand-new restaurant courtesy of Chef Oscar Amador Edo and the team behind Anima by Edo and Las Vegas EDO Tapas & Wine.

However, the local eatery scene is not without its share of controversy. A Mexican chain with four Las Vegas locations, La Mojarra Loca, has been fined $160K for labor violations after shortchanging 33 staff members on overtime.

Simultaneously, a Taiwanese boba tea sensation, Gong Cha, is poised to offer its delicacies in Vegas. With its grand opening set this Friday at 4215 Spring Mountain Road, Suite B106B, in Chinatown.

Lastly, Solamente Pizza, a Las Vegas Test Kitchen sensation, will reopen this summer at 8390 W Sahara Ave, Suite 130. The same Solamente Pizza was amongst the 20 restaurants misrepresented by impostor listings on food delivery apps last year. Undeterred, Chef Ethan Spiezer looks to revitalize the pizza scene with this summer’s reopening.