Awakening Village and the path to peace


By: Lianne Bridges

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photo by Zoe Smith

This spring my Hudson neighbour, Ghislaine Duval, surprised me by creating a path in the woods to connect our two properties. She laid down mulch and decorated it with potted flowers, lanterns and a red Adirondack chair. Instead of building fences to separate our properties, she had created a path to welcome me in. I was thrilled and inspired. We took the idea a step further and created a network of paths throughout our properties, connecting our adjoining neighbours. Before long, these paths were bringing friends and families together, helping people connect more deeply with the surrounding forest, and creating a wonderful sense of peace,  unity and love – Agape.

The momentum was contagious. “I have a beautiful swimming pond, and now these connecting paths. What else can I do?” I asked my friends, Joanna McDonald and Glenn Maisonneuve, owners of Soul Spaces.

“Since you have a home-based business, your ‘abundance zone’ (according to Feng Shui) should be clear and welcoming. You need to fix the broken path and stairs to allow prosperity to flow easily. And, your ‘love zone’ (in the back of your house) is completely grown over with woods and debris. We should open that up.”

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photo by Zoe Smith

Joanna used all the elements (wood, stone, water, flowers, etc.), and added crystals, wind chimes and even pieces of chipped cement reclaimed from the demolished steps. Together, we transformed a dilapidated tree fort into an adult zen sanctuary. We removed a broken down trampoline and created a large, medicine-wheel fire pit. And, we donated a play structure that my boys had outgrown and turned the area into a beach-spa, complete with a ton of sand, shells, and a hammock and umbrella.

With no real intention besides having fun and following our hearts, we created something magical. A soul sanctuary was born. I soon realized that is was the perfect home for my community—the Awakening Village. This is a group of people who come together, both on and offline, to uplift, inspire and collectively help transform the world. Now, Village members have a physical space to relax, heal and connect to nature, to one another, and to their own inner landscape. In a sense, we now have a place to practice Agape. We hope you will join us!

Lianne Bridges is the founder of Designing Transformation Productions and the Awakening Village. She is a purpose mentor, social entrepreneur, conscious business coach, writer, speaker and single mother. With an MBA and a 30-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate world to dedicate her life to her true passion—helping people live their purpose with passion and abundance.


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