Autumn’s Arrival Sharpens COVID Resurgence in Quebec: Exploring Strategies and Variants


The lingering haze of summer seems to dissipate sharply as Autumn unfurls its crisp presence, encoding an ominous echo of an unwelcome guest: COVID-19. With the arrival of fall, there is a resurgence in cases of COVID-19 in Quebec, drawing peculiar attention to the evolving characteristics of the virus and the strategies employed to manage it.

Engaging in an enlightening dialogue with Dr. Donald Vin, an eminent specialist in infectious diseases at the MUHC, we delve into the evolving panorama of COVID-19 and its anticipated trajectory in the approaching months.

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The recent weeks unveil a disheartening picture of COVID-19 in Quebec and Montreal. A surge in confirmed cases across the country, an alarming increase in daily new cases, and a sharp rise in COVID-induced hospitalizations signify a daunting reality: COVID is making an unbearably loud comeback.

While the severity of the acute COVID cases doesn’t parallel the nerve-wracking dimensions witnessed at the dawn of the pandemic, the ailments are not to be dismissed lightly. Fever, sore throat and muscle pains straitjacket otherwise healthy individuals into debilitating discomfort. Those with pre-existing medical conditions too witness a grim ascent of fevers and pneumonias directly attributable to COVID and necessitating hospitalization. If this unsettling trend continues, hospitals, especially those already grappling with a shortage of beds and personnel, might be pressed against the wall in the coming days.

The EG.5.1 variant is currently leading the pack of problematic variants with its heightened transmissibility and ability to evade immunity established against previous variants. A former COVID infection may not offer substantial immunity against this variant, and albeit the risk of severe illness is comparatively lower, bouts of severe discomfort cannot be discounted.

In a laudable initiative to counter the evolving variations of the virus, Health Canada has approved an updated COVID vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna. This vaccine, targeting the XBB.1.5 variant, exhibits efficacy against EG.5 and other circulating variants. NACI, in recommendation with this updated vaccine, strongly urges individuals above six months of age and those who’ve not been vaccinated or infected within the last six months to seize this measure. High-risk groups are particularly encouraged to abide by this guideline.

When it comes to donning masks in scenarios laden with possible transmission risks, the answer is an emphatic yes. Hospitals, being hubs of COVID transmissions, would benefit tremendously from strict adherence to masking. Besides the hospital setting, adopting masks in public once recovered from symptoms for an additional five days can be a sensible move. Trusting in other’s compliance to an honourable system may be naive; thus, individual prudence in mask adherence seems a safer bet.

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