Auto Immune Thyroid or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the #1 Cause of Hypothyroid in North America!


By: Dr. Aubry Tager

The #1 cause of low thyroid or hypothyroid in North America is something called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroid.  This is an autoimmune condition which means that your immune system is attacking your thyroid.  Any autoimmune condition means that your immune system is attacking a part of your body, and in your case, it is most likely attacking your thyroid gland. 

Remember, your thyroid controls your body’s metabolism. 

Your immune system is attacking your thyroid, and it is damaging it. Therefore, if you suffer from an autoimmune “thyroid” problem, you have an “immune” problem. Unfortunately, thyroid hormones do nothing for this autoimmune attack.  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (aka. Autoimmune thyroid) is the #1 cause of low thyroid in the North America. If you are suffering from this, you will continue to lose more and more of your body’s ability to make its own thyroid hormones by taking these medications. 

This is a slow, progressive, downward slide, therefore the problem isn’t just your thyroid: it is your immune system.  You have an immune system problem, and you need to heal your immune system. 

Thyroid hormones are not going to help you heal your immune system.  There are many parts to your immune system and they should be in balance, kind of like a teeter-totter effect. 

One should not be higher than the other. If your immune system goes out of balance because of stress, whether physical, chemical or emotional, one system will become dominant and this will cause your immune system to attack your body. The good news is that there are specific blood tests that can be run to determine if you are autoimmune and if one part of your immune system is dominant. Now the problem with autoimmune conditions is it just doesn’t attack one area of your body…in this case your thyroid. 

It can attack other areas of your body just as easily. It can attack your pancreas, causing diabetes or it can attack your gut, your stomach lining, causing IBS , it can attack your joints, leading to rheumatoid arthritis.  It can attack your entire body.  You need to be tested to see if you are having an autoimmune condition, because that’s most likely what may be causing your thyroid condition. 

Again – That’s what may be causing your thyroid condition.

Don’t suffer another minute!



Dr. Aubry Tager,DNM,DAAIM,BCIM,CAFNI,ND (anpq).
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