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by Rhonda Massad

Modelled after an initiative started by American author Sherman Alexie in 2013, independent bookstores across Canada will once again join the Authors for Indies and invited authors to hand-sell books.  The event will take place this coming Saturday, April 30 at Librarie Clio in the Pointe Claire shopping plaza. 

This year authors Mari Hill Harper and Karen Molson will be on hand to chat with local book lovers and recommending books while helping everyone appreciate the importance of indie bookstores to our communities and our cultural lives.

Mari Hill Harper

Mari Hill Harper’s book, Sea Winter Salmon: Chronicles of the St. John River is about a great salmon river on the Lower North Shore of Quebec—and a great salmon fishing camp, Hill Camp, founded by Mari’s great-grandfather, the railway tycoon James J. Hill, in the late ninetenth century. The book is includes dozens of photographs and rare archival images. The book is also available in French as Les pèlerins de la rivière Saint-Jean.

Karen Molson

Karen Molson, the biographer of the Molson family, has just published The Company of Crows, a compelling first novel about a young girl coming of age during the summer she spends at Laughing Willows Trailer Park with her obnoxious younger brothers and unhappy mother. It’s the 1970s and Veronica’s world is changing, and she with it.Karen Molson, Authors for Indies, Pointe Claire Plaza, Pointe Claire, Mari HIll Harper

More than 600 writers and 120 independent bookstores participated in the inaugural Canadian event last year.


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