Authorities Searching For 2 Individuals After Break-In At A Dartmouth Home


Halifax’s police inspected a daytime burglary. Two men found their way into one of Dartmouth’s homes and made away with valuable items.

On Saturday, 4:30 in the evening, Halifax responded to an emergency call about a break-in at the prince Margaret Boulevard 100 block. This is according to a police release.

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Two individuals dressed in dark clothing, one loaded with a firearm, broke into one of the homes and walked away with people’s items. The two fled the scene in a 4-door vehicle in the direction of Windmill Road.

Several emergency response teams and police officers responded to the incident. They conducted a search, and it was confirmed that the two had not inflicted injuries on the occupants.

While performing a search for the two around the area, police chanced upon a long-barreled firearm the two had left behind. However, the police did not find the two individuals or the car they fled in.

No information has been released regarding what was stolen or the number of people inside the home.

The suspect description is that the two are male; one is 6′ tall and heavily built while the other is 5’-7″ and thinly built.

Both individuals were in black jackets and ski masks.