Authorities Catch Thief of Iconic Elvis Presley Jacket Worth $11,670


In an intriguing turn of events over the last weekend, authorities nabbed a man in connection with an audacious theft allegedly executed over a year ago. The item in question? A jacket that sways in popularity, not for its style or material but for its previous owner – the iconic ‘King of Rock and Roll’, Elvis Presley.

The scene of the crime was the bustling Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a popular gaming property located in Hollywood, Florida. The garment, a significant piece of memorabilia from a time when Elvis reigned supreme, had been pilfered on February 14, 2023.

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The accused, identified as Christopher Owen, a 50-year-old resident of Pompano Beach, Florida, was charged with grand theft. Local records indicate his subsequent release from custody with the case handed over to local prosecutors for further examination.

No ordinary jacket, the stolen item comes with a hefty price tag. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino had valued the Elvis jacket at a stunning $11,670. Authorities have yet to confirm if the jacket found its way back to the establishment.

The theft was neither stealthy nor sophisticated, as indicated by the hotel’s surveillance footage. The meticulous eyes of tribal police officers spotted Owen removing the coveted item from its mannequin, conspicuously cloistered by ropes separating it from eager public view.

Adding a twist to the tale, Owen wasn’t alone in his alleged escapade. He is believed to have passed the jacket to an unidentified female accomplice, who so far, has managed to dodge the net of justice.

The trail leading to Owen’s identification was paved with critical clues. He was reported to have used his driver’s license to receive cash at the casino around the theft’s timeframe. Furthermore, a vigilant officer noted having come across Owen in a prior incident.

The swanky Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, known for its collection of rock and roll memorabilia isn’t just a haven for gamers, but also a treasure trove for collectors. Elvis’ attire has always been a crowd puller, with its affinity for spotlight seldom dulled.

Proof of the monetary magnitude linked to Elvis’ wardrobe was illuminated last summer when a hand-crafted leather and mink coat worn by the star himself fetched an astonishing £128,000 – an equivalent of about $160,000 – at an auction in the United Kingdom. The coat’s subsequent purchaser was disclosed to be an American collector.

The saga of the stolen Elvis jacket remains alive with intrigue, illuminating the enduring fascination and tribute extended decades after the King’s demise in 1977. With newly anointed Graceland’s owner, Riley Keough, the eldest of Elvis Presley’s four grandchildren, taking charge, we’re left wondering what new memories are yet to be donned and auctioned from the royal wardrobe.