Australians Cut Spending on Travel and Health Amid Rising Living Costs


As the holiday season approaches, a majority of Australians are tightening their financial belts over increased concern for their fiscal wellbeing. Overwhelming data indicates a trend of reduced spending on travel, dining, and even health-related services to cope with the burgeoning cost of living.

A recent study by ‘Compare the Market’ reveals striking trends, indicating that a significant 80% of the population is consciously curbing their spending patterns, an increase set in stark contrast to the figures recorded the same time the previous year. The data suggests an alarming trend: one in every five individuals refrains from health services expenditure on account of economic hardships imposed by the cost of living.

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With increasing economic pressures, Australians are choosing to delay holiday plans, with a marked increase from 35% the previous year to 45% this year. Additionally, family activities, once a core part of Australian culture, have taken a hit with 38% cutting back on these recreational pursuits.

A nearly 60% reduction in takeaway meals and a 40% decrease in grocery shopping underscore the grave reality of the financial distress caused by the ongoing crises.

Chris Ford, the general manager at CTM, articulated the hardships faced by families in the face of surging fuel prices, inflation at the supermarket, and soaring energy costs. With less wiggle room than before, it’s not surprising to see travel, entertainment, and even streaming services taking a backseat. The distressing reality, however, is the decline in health appointments as families tighten their purse strings.

Incredibly, a startling 27% of Generation X, and 21% each of Generation Z and Millennials, verify this disturbing trend, showing that no age group is immune to these pressures. A similar sentiment resonates with the older generation, with 16% of the Boomers stepping back from health-related spending due to the cost of living.

Urging Australians to prioritize their health, Ford pointed out the possibility of maintaining quality healthcare without spending exorbitantly. He iterated the importance of looking for better deals in energy and insurance to claw back the budget instead of foregoing crucial healthcare needs.

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