Australian Family Battles Insurer after DashCam Accident Nightmare


Jenny, an Australian woman, has been embroiled in a challenging battle with insurance company NRMA following a multi-vehicle car accident captured vividly on dashcam footage.

Jenny, a loyal NRMA customer, was returning home alongside her family from a winter vacation when an out-of-control vehicle sideswiped the front of her car. Her car stood stationary and was driven by her daughter, an off-duty police officer, when an audacious collision unfolded in real-time. A car emerging from the inside lane was struck by a third vehicle, precipitating an eight-fold roll, the momentum of which coursed across the front of Jenny’s stationary vehicle.

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The ordeal didn’t end there when the family attempted to file a claim with the insurer for their $61,000 car purchased merely months prior in May. They found themselves entangled in a maze of distressing issues. Recounting the incident, Jenny illustrates the initial trouble she faced, “When I first filed the claim via their overseas call center, they kept inaccurately insisting that our stationary car hit the other vehicle. Despite providing dashcam evidence to the contrary, the dispute of fault remained unresolved for days.”

Although NRMA eventually validated the blameless condition of Jenny’s daughter, more problems emerged with the insurer during the car’s repair. The insurance company refused to authorise the repairer to carry out necessary paintwork in line with car repair guidelines – a refusal that continues till date despite the expense not falling on the insurer.

According to Jenny, “The guidelines dictate that if a door or front end is to be replaced, the new paint must blend with the existing panels.” Still, the surprisingly stringent stance of NRMA remains unaltered. She adds, “NRMA continues to disallow this procedure even though they aren’t footing the repair bill.”

Shrouded in enduring frustration, the family found themselves bereft of their vehicle two months post-accident. Eventually, they had to abort their claim with NRMA and shift to the at-fault driver’s insurance to get the car repaired. The same claim submitted to NRMA was expeditiously approved by the at-fault driver’s insurance provider within a few days with the repairs now underway.

Stretched to her emotional limits, Jenny remarks, “It’s been an agonizing two-month ordeal. Hopefully, normalcy can resume by the end of this week or early next week. Just a nightmare of an experience!”