Australia Revs up for Sports-Saturated Weekend amid Public Holidays


A large celebratory weekend is in progress throughout Australia, featuring grand final showdowns of two major sports and accompanying public holidays.

The first holiday of the weekend occurs on Friday, September 29, in Victoria, the heartland of the AFL. This marks their conventional Grand Final public holiday. A multitude of sports aficionados have already made their way to Melbourne’s sports district to cheer on the players of Brisbane and Collingwood as they prepare for the colossal event at the MCG on Saturday.

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Following the culmination of both the AFL and NRL grand finals by Monday, October 2, fortunate spectators in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, and South Australia are assured a day off. While the holidays are not tied directly to the sporting events, New South Wales, the ACT, and South Australia recognize Labour Day on October 2. In contrast, Queensland celebrates King’s Birthday.

Although Charles III’s 75th birthday is actually on November 14, holidays celebrating royalty hardly ever coincide with the actual birth dates. The majority of states mark the occasion in June to coincide with celebrations in the UK, taking advantage of the summer weather for time off.

As for the King’s Birthday, Western Australia observed theirs just last Monday to align with the school holidays. Queenslanders have since 2016 marked the once-Queen’s Birthday on the first Monday in October, a shift designed to prevent overlap with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Consequently, for those residing in WA, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory, Monday remains a standard day.

Besides the festivities and time off, this long weekend brings with it certain road safety regulations. Starting from 12am, Friday, September 29, until 11:59pm on Monday, October 2, double demerits apply to traffic offences in Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT.

Moreover, this public holiday may impact businesses as their opening hours shift, special holiday surcharges apply, or they entirely refrain from operating. It’s prudent for patrons to inquire with individual businesses about their public holiday norms.

Lastly, residents in daylight saving states must remember to move their clocks forward by one hour early Sunday morning.

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