Audi Recalls 8000 Cars Over Risky Wiring Fault, Offers Free Repairs


A fault in the wiring of roughly 8000 Audi models has sparked an extensive recall, as per a notification issued by the Department of Transport. The cars, which encompass the Audi Q2 and Audi A3 sold during the years 2019 to 2023, are said to have been afflicted with this defect.

The department’s alert detailed the issue, saying: “Due to an installation oversight, the internal fuse box’s wiring harness may become unsettled.” If this wiring fault surfaces, it may result in a myriad of problems. These could range from the failure of the instrument cluster illumination and the switching off of internal and external lights, to inducing a sudden loss of power while driving.

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Nonetheless, the Department of Transport sought to reassure drivers, stating that despite a system failure, the car would still be able to function in terms of steering ability and braking power.

The issued warning also recognized the potential risks associated with the fault. It included a stark message: “A sudden loss of power, coupled with reduced or impaired visibility while driving, could exponentially increase the risk of a collision. Such an event could potentially cause serious injury, if not death, to both vehicle occupants and other road users.”

Audi has taken responsibility for the issue and is set to reach out to owners of the affected vehicles as part of the recall process. Importantly, any repairs required to fix the wiring defect will be carried out free of charge by authorized Audi dealerships.

To obtain further clarity or information, affected owners are advised to get in touch with Audi Australia, either via phone at 1800 502 834 or through email at