Auckland Murder Trial: Hayde Casts Blame on Former Friend Hart


An elderly resident of Auckland, Sean Hayde, has stepped forward in his gripping murder charge trial, vehemently faulting his past friend, Gregory Hart, for the brutal murder of Wiremu Arapo. The duo, characterized by their once strong alliance, has been attending the ongoing trial at the High Court at Auckland, each charged with the ceasing of Arapo’s life, and the incineration of their Cockle Bay Minerva Tce house in an attempt to eradicate incriminating evidence. Arapo held meaningful positions in both their lives as Hayde’s boxing trainer and Hart’s flatmate.

Hayde bravely took the stand recently, painting to the jury a chilling recount of the events culminating in Arapo’s demise. According to Hayde, Hart slid a fatal blade across Arapo’s neck after a fall-out. Meanwhile, Hart, through his legal counsel, is set to lay the blame solely on Hayde.

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In the course of the ongoing trial, the jury was provided numerous perspectives and arguments, including the prosecution’s belief that this fatal act of violence was the result of both men. The prosecution claimed that the strings binding the trio, were fraught with palpable tension stemming from monetary disputes and lifestyle disparities. Arapo, frustrated with Hart’s blase attitude towards shared responsibilities, was about to show his flatmate the door before his tragic death.

Hayde, communicating his case in layers, revealed via text messages that he was vexed with Arapo’s handling of Hart. He allegedly threatened violence in retaliation. Incidentally, Hayde began a romantic relationship with a friend of Arapo’s while still dating another woman. This woman also claimed abuse at Hayde’s hand—charges he vehemently refutes.

Cross-examined by his lawyer, Emma Priest, Hayde narrated a series of tension-filled incidents leading up to Arapo’s demise, always under the watchful eyes of Hart docked on the sidelines. Hayde claimed that on the final day of Arapo’s life, he and Hart spent their afternoon drinking. They visited Arapo’s residence under the pretense of picking something up when Hayde witnessed the fatal stabbing.

According to Hayde’s testimony, Hart, equipped with a knife, uttered a military toast before stabbing Arapo, leaving him for dead. Hayde indicated his willingness to stay at the scene while Hart wanted to escape. He later noticed smoke billowing from the building and insists that he did not start the fire.

In the wake of this traumatic event, Hayde kept mum due to fear of implication and a vague desire to protect Hart. However, the pair didn’t remain free for long. They were eventually detained after the police concluded their homicide investigation.

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