Atlantic City Inches Toward Smoke-Free Casinos


In a pivotal step that could radically alter the ambiance of Atlantic City’s famed gambling scene, sweeping legislation aimed at clearing the air over the gaming tables advanced on Monday. The bill, which seeks to snuff out indoor smoking, made strides as Senate Bill 1493 passed out of the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee by virtue of a partisan vote.

Penned by state Sen. Joe Vitale (D-Middlesex), Senate Bill 1493 is the latest iteration in a campaign to eliminate tobacco smoke from the nine vibrant casinos that dot the illustrious Atlantic City shoreline—a campaign that Sen. Vitale has championed vigorously since 2017. The bill garnered affirmative nods from Democratic Sen. Vitale and his allies, Sens. Troy Singleton, Renee Burgess, Angela McKnight, and Raj Mukherji, heralding a significant move toward a smoke-free casino environment. Conversely, committee Republicans, Sens. Owen Henry, Holly Schepisi, and Robert Singer, found themselves in the minority, advocating for a different approach to this enduring conflict.

Marking a historic juncture in a long-enduring debate, the proponents for a tobacco-free casino workplace—a cohort largely comprised of the advocacy group Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE)—lauded the committee vote as a win for the wellbeing of casino workers. Their struggle, compounded by years of battling the toxic haze of secondhand smoke, has garnered empathetic support, echoed by CEASE chapters across various states that grapple with comparable challenges.

Yet, the bill wades through treacherous waters, as staunch opposition argues the potential bleak financial aftermath. Contrasting research has laid bare a divisive outlook on the economic repercussions of a casino smoking ban. Spectrum Gaming’s stark projections forecast a significant hit to revenue and jobs, while C3 Gaming’s report offers a silver lining, suggesting that the essence of Atlantic City’s allure isn’t contingent on an indoor puff but its unique blend of entertainment and gambling.

Amid these cross currents, alternative propositions have surged from within the political spectrum. Sen. Vince Polistina (R-Atlantic) considers legislation that still accommodates smokers, mulling over segregating the vice into isolated smoking lounges—a middle ground aspired to keep both economic and health interests intact. Yet this notion is met with skepticism from groups like CEASE, who are resolute in their pursuit for an unequivocal, non-compromising smoke-free workplace.

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