Athlete Spotlight: Pierrefonds’ Redmen Andrew Seinet-Spaulding


You don’t need to be a student in Montréal to know how utterly intense the rivalry between the Concordia University Stingers and the McGill University Redmen actually is. To compare them to a derby in the Italian Seria A Soccer league would be pretty appropriate, as tensions are high both in the stands and on the field.

In their first game of the season, McGill showed they were there to win, their presence on the field quite sturdy and seemingly flawless, particularly in their offence and of course on the defensive line.

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Of course, this game is now weeks in the not so distant past, but the messages sent from The Redmen to the fans and the other players and teams in the league was a solid left hook to the gut.

Unfortunately as of press time, they’ve lost their following two games, yet their performances were not quite the disasters that would be expected of a team that’s lost it exactly.

The first game of the season finished 40 to 14 in favour of McGill and no one watching should have been shocked, as most of the action was one-sided, with a few blunders on the part of McGill here and there. Yet overall, they kept possession and led the action for a greater fraction of the intense game, which was played at McGill’s home field, Percival Molson Stadium. Pearce Dumay got them going with two touchdowns pretty early in the game—this young man is having quite the start to the season as well.

Unfortunately, the second and third games showed our heroes falling, but not by much versus the University of Sherbrook … 16 to 14. Before that, they faced the Carabins of The University de Montréal, to a pretty staggering loss … a whopping 34-4. But we wouldn’t discount this team just because of a few pesky losses.

And mainly because of this young man here: Andrew Seinet-Spaulding, a native of Montréal, and current resident of Pierrefonds; he proved many times on the field why there’s so much attention on him, as he was on top of the action against Concordia, delivering a tackle worthy of even the NFL. The young man, who incidentally is studying Social Work at the university has been playing football since he was but a young boy of 7 years when his mother Lydia brought him to the football field for the first time. At 292 pounds and an imposing height of six feet; he is in his drafting year and all eyes are on this young star. He hasn’t held back on the field at all, and it was even reported that he was suffering the flu in that first game. It sure didn’t show on the field and we have no doubt that this young man will be drafted to one of 9 teams in the CFL … or are there even greater possibilities for this young man down the line? Perhaps a spot on an NFL team? Never say never, as his performances have outclassed many awaiting farm leagues even in the States. We have no doubt that the scouts are watching. After all, they’re always watching.

What does he think about these chances? He took the time to answer a few of my questions recently, and as busy as he is …”I think that the possibilities are there. I worked hard to be where I am today. I always dreamed of playing professional football. I am eligible for the next draft, so in the meantime, I’ll be working my hardest to be able to get picked.’’

His mother Lydia, who wasn’t a single parent but was often left to fend for the children without any help often took Andrew to his games by the use of public transportation, as reported by Eric Leblanc of RDS.

She did what she could for all three of her children and worked hard to provide for them, no matter how difficult it was for her. Lydia Seinet, who also cares for and raised her nephew Brandon, has two other children and is now a proud grandmother, having helmed the customer service portion of a busy Saint-Laurent office for over a decade. Yet she didn’t let the stresses of her job affect her enthusiasm for her son’s football career, nor the well-being of all the children under her care.

What does she want for her boy?

“That he makes it as far possible in his studies and of course with his football career where ever it will take him professionally! All Parents (wish the best for their children).” She wishes for him to land a spot here with the Alouettes or at least not too far, but she’ll support him wherever he ends up, proud as ever.

What does Andrew have to say about his Mom?

“My mom is the one who brought me into this sport and ever since my first practice at the age of 7 years old; she has been there every single time. She pushes me with work, school and football. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.”

As of this writing, they are to face the University of Laval on the 22nd of September and we are indeed rooting for them and wish them the best of luck. Of this game, Seinet-Spaulding has stated, “(they are) a very good team. We prepared for them this week and we are confident that it will be a good matchup.”

In Closing, his story and their story as a family unit give us all hope for the future of the Canadian household in general, and the future of the sport in this city. For a city that has had less than stellar showings of enthusiasm for most sports outside of hockey, it seems to be coming around with football, and if we cherish and support our University leagues, then that can be nothing but a positive turn in the long run. And as for Andrew, the horizon burns bright for this young man, and we wish him the best, as we’ll be cheering for him wherever he ends up.