At PredictIt, Manny Pacquiao Favored to Beat Christopher Go in Philippines Presidential Election


Manny Pacquiao made a career fighting in a boxing ring, and now, the 42-year-old hopes to beat political opponents as he seeks the Philippines presidency in 2022.

Pacquiao officially announced his candidacy on Sunday, to replace Rodrigo Duterte, who is retiring next year. Duterte’s reign began in 2016 and is set to expire in June next year.

Pacquiao’s political career began in 2016, the same year Duterte ascended to the presidency. In a speech live-streamed to the Senate of the Philippines, Pacquiao accepted his nomination for the presidency.

In his boxing professional, Pacquiao won 62 fights and 39 knockouts, and only eight losses.

Pacquiao is running an anti-Duterte campaign for his being soft with China and allowing corruption to thrive. He has received the support of members of the PDP-Laban party. He is also a member of the party.

Duterte seems eager to retain some power. A faction of the PDP-Laban Party has nominated Christopher Bong as their presidential candidate, and Duterte was to run as his vice president.

At PredictIt, Pacquiao’s odds of winning the presidency shares lead at 24 cents, Christopher at 21 cents, Duterte’s oldest daughter Duterte-Carpio at 20 cents. Carpio has, however, indicated she rather run for Davao City mayoral instead of seeking to replace his father.


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