At Least 1000 Attend Edmonton, Calgary Pro-Palestinian Rallies


At least 1000 people attended Pro-Palestinian rallies held in Calgary and Edmonton last Sunday.

Last Saturday was the first whole day of the ceasefire that Hamas and Israel agreed to, and which started early Friday. It brought to an end about 11 days of crossfire that led to widespread loss and destruction in Gaza. Most of Israel shut down during the crossfire.

The organizer of the rally, one Fatmeh Kalouti, said the number was quite low, about 1000 persons by her estimate, that Sunday. This was the third gathering in a week.

At the event, kids let loose around 75 biodegradable balloons as the rally came to an end in remembrance of 75 minors who died in Gaza. Also, attendees linked up into a human chain with Palestine flags in between.

Calgary’s rally happened despite inclement weather. About 400 persons gathered at the Olympic Plaza, before heading downtown. This was the most recent, after three others.


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